If you are in a rush, or if you prefer to follow a less expensive pre-designed syllabus, three set packs are available for you to choose from.


Open to : beginners.
Goals : general outlook of flamenco guitar techniques along with the discovery of the main families of flamenco styles (“palos”).
Contents : basic chords, arpeggios, rasgueos, golpes, picado, alzapua, tremolo, identification of some styles (“palos”).
Duration : 10 periods (7,5 hours).


Open to : newbies with notions of guitar (flamenco or other).
Goals : develop right hand techniques, build up a small repertoire of falsetas of some of your favourite “palos”.
Contents : be able to hold a “compás”, be able to enter a falseta “a compás”, build and use some simple “llamadas” and “remates”, acquaint yourself with the “clichés” phrases of some palos.
Duration : 20 periods (15 hours).


Open to : guitarists who know some flamenco and already master most of the right hand techniques.
Goals : widen your falsetas repertoire, understand the structure of a full flamenco piece when it comes to accompanying dancing and/or singing.
Contents : study of complex falsetas, study the different phases of a flamenco piece, notions of interpretation.
Duration : 30 periods (22,5 hours).