When I started accompanying myself on the guitar I wanted the music to be as beautiful as the songs I sang. The simple rhythmic accompaniment, often pretty efficient for fast beats, seemed to me a bit empty to me during some bridges and the slower songs. Moreover, it made  the melodic solos I craved to play next to impossible. Therefore I had to find a technique that could support the rhythmic part while I sang, but that could easily switch to a solo melody between the verses. Finger-picking guitar appeared to be the solution. It’s a very rich and versatile technique that gives a lot of freedom, either you want to sing or play solo. Now I have to admit that over time I stopped singing to be able to focus on the melodies when I discovered Marcel Dadi ‘s music. I remember playing with him in his guitar shop on rue de Douai, Paris: he was a great guitarist and a very good teacher. He infuenced me a lot in my teenage years and I know a great deal of my teaching comes from him. In order to be efficient, any teaching has to adapt to its audience. A teacher’s first quality has to be the listening: he/she has to know exactly what his/her students want, what they like and how they learn. When it comes to music, the teacher has to find the way to maintain the student’s motivation through the pleasure of playing. Pleasure is the key. Boredom is the enemy.