The “compás” is the flamenco word for rhythm. It’s what makes this music so complex, unique and fascinating. This notion is thus very important for Le Compás dans l’Œil, a collective of artists (musicians, dancers, singers) from different artistic backgrounds who live in or travel through Lyon and are linked together by their common passion for flamenco.

Le Compás dans l’Œil was founded by flamenco guitarist Serge Priniotakis. It was immediatly noticed by the Cervantes Institute which hired the collective for several cultural events and guitar classes.

Le Compás dans l’Œil regularly performs in Lyon and offers flamenco trainings and courses in Lyon and all over France.

Le Compás dans l’Œil is strongly connected to the music duet Babel and the theatre companies Les Eprouvettes and Des Etoiles Plein les Poches.