Goals should be clearly set before the courses. Where are you now? Where are you heading to? What baggage do you carry? Whom will you play for, and in what circumstances? Setting up goals in your study is as important as the study itself. Learning is an ongoing journey.


Expression precedes grammar. Each period is dedicated to the study of short pieces or specific melodic phrases. If technique exercises (drills) are required they will always be in the service of a precise repertoire: no drills for the sake of drills. Listening and breaking down patterns will also help us to study.


Everything goes! Audio recordings, tabs, DVDs, internet databases, computer apps along with a keyboard, a cajón, and other percussive instruments are available to help us breakdown each piece you want to study. Music stands, tuners, capos and guitar stings in case of emergency are also waiting for you. Oh, and if you don’t have a guitar you can always pick one up here.


Last but not least, it’s important to feel good in order to make the most of each course. Therefore, there is always a good pot of hot tea available. I would be happy to share my favourite blends with you.

LANGUAGES: Courses can easily be conducted in English, Spanish or Greek!